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Services & Pricing

As the effects of the pandemic continue, with millions of people out

of work, I have priced all services to the basic levels.

(Prices are subject to change without prior notice)

Mountain Peaks
 FREE - 15 Minutes Zoom Intro Call

Tell me about yourself and your Career plans. Use this time to give me maximum information about what YOU want to achieve professionally.

Mountain Peaks
Resume & LinkedIn Profile Review

Step-by-Step Review on Zoom/Webex/Google Meet of your Resume and Your LinkedIn Profile and what changes YOU can make to optimize them.

Mountain Peaks
Video Resume Text & Preparation

Zoom/Webex/Google Meet call to prepare the launch your video-Resume. Full Text will be provided for you to practice recording.

Mountain Peaks
Professional Resume Writing + Cover Letter Template

Resume Writing + FREE Professional Cover Letter Template: Upgrade your current Resume into a professionally drafted document for ATS compliance and use of critical keywords.

Mountain Peaks
Double-Deal + Cover Letter template FREE

Let our Team of Professionals draft your Resume and optimize your LinkedIn profile to the Next-Level. You get to keep a professionally drafted Cover Letter Template FREE.

Mountain Peaks
Online Interview Preparationt

ACE your next Interview by practicing real scenario questions with me on a 30 minutes Zoom call.

Mountain Peaks
Interview Prep + Mock-Interview

Interview preparation zoom call followed by a 40 minutes Mock-Interview with real questions. You will get a FREE post-interview feedback to improve your skills.

Mountain Peaks
The CEO Deal

You get all of the above to Master you way to your new job. The CEO Deal includes getting an ATS Compliant Resume - Optimized LinkedIn Profile - Cover Letter Template - 30 minutes online Interview Prep - 40 minutes 

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